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Ladies, life is a matter of balance. Wherever we go, whatever we do, keeping a balance between things is a must. In the same way, this article explains how to choose shoes that provide the right balance between style and comfort.  A lot of women think that it isn’t possible to choose stylish and comfortable shoes at the same time, but that isn’t necessarily so.

We all want to be on our top game at important moments. This means having the perfect pair of shoes for your outfit. However, what’s equally important is making sure that your feet, legs and spine don’t face issues like pain or discomfort. So let’s see how far we can go in this quest of reaching the perfect point of balance between style and comfort.

Here is a short a list of deciding factors to help you in your selection.

1. A comfortable Insole or Footbed

The footbed is the soft inner part of a shoe that runs right under your foot. It is also referred to as the insole. Having a soft cushion like surface inside goes a long way.

how to choose the right shoes

Avoid plastic and slippery materials as they do not absorb sweat and may cause discomfort, odour, and in the case of open dress shoes, cause shoe bites.

2. Shape, design and height of the heels

Always make sure that your feet have enough room. Getting your toes squished may not seem like a problem at first, but spending some hours in shoes that are the wrong size or shape for your feet can do damage to your toes.

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Another thing to keep in mind is the width of the foot bed. Not all shoes are ideal for all foot types. You can wear a wide shoe with narrow feet, but doing it vice versa would be bothersome and at times, painful.

While wearing heels makes you look leaner and a lot more confident right away, using them repeatedly for long hours can cause discomfort. A lot of podiatrists suggest wearing heels with a maximum height of 3-inches for day to day use. Higher heels should be used for shorter periods of time.


3. Added support

Try not to use shoes that do not have ankle or rear foot support as they can cause long-term damage. Sneakers and running shoes have the most support when it comes to shock absorption, shape and cushion which is why they are on the best options when it comes to wearing jeans or a cute frock. It’s also possible to find sneakers in a range of cute styles!

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When going for dress shoes, try to choose one that has a cushion or some kind of support at the back to prevent shoe bites. There are a lot of gorgeous options out there that have ankle and rear-foot support.

4. Choosing materials

When buying closed shoes, try choosing shoes that have sweat absorbing material. The material shouldn’t be thin as it could be punctured or soiled very easily. A specific material to avoid is plastic. Though they may look pretty from a distance and are sometimes a lot cheaper, plastic causes foul odour, blisters and pain as a lot of friction is involved and the material does not absorb, but traps sweat inside. Going for shoes that are ventilated is always the better option.

5. Purpose or occasion

Something to keep in mind when buying a pair of shoes is what you plan to use it for. This can help you choose the comfort and durability that you would expect for each occasion. At events like dinners, presentations, galas, and award ceremonies, wearing heels would be the first thought!  When shopping or for a casual outing, wearing flats or sneakers will ensure you don’t end the day with painful feet!  Slippers, sandals, and open footwear are a great choice after a tiring day at work.  

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Also, make sure you do not wear heels while visiting monuments in Greece and you also carry closed toe shoes while meeting the Queen of England.

We hope these few points will help you have a better idea how to choose your shoes the next time you go shopping!

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