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Black shoes are probably among the most common colour of shoes for ladies and men. It’s often a top choice, and everyone has a pair of black shoes. Black can be used both formally and casually. Black can be a symbol of elegance, power, authority, and strength.

There are thousands of black shoes online in Indonesia. This could include black wedges, pumps, heels, boots, and much more! For every black shoe, there are so many more styles you can wear them with.

That’s why we’ve put together which black shoes every woman needs, as well as some of the top ways to pair your black shoes and look awesome for any occasion.


1.  Black Leather Pumps

lisia black shoes online indonesia

In this Photo: Lissia in Black

A simple pair of black leather pumps is a must have for any lady. One reason is that black pumps can easily be matched to almost any outfit! Classic black pumps are a classic match for your office wear, and can even be used for an evening party or date.

Opt for a plain black pump for daily use, or spice it up with dashes of colour for a more vibrant look.

noriska black shoes online indonesia

In this photo: Noriska, Black & Gold

2. Black Sneakers

suri black shoes

In this photo: Suri Sneakers

No matter how many pairs of black high heels you have, no wardrobe is complete without at least one good pair of sneakers. Some of our favourite outfits to wear with sneakers are with a short skirt, a casual dress, or together with cuffed trousers that show your ankle bone.

3. Casual Black Wedges

Wedges are fun and fashionable and an excellent choice for casual, yet stylish wear.
eli black wedges

In this photo: Eli Wedges

Wedges can range from fairly flat to quite high - depending on what kind of look you are going for. One benefit of wedges, is that even the high ones are quite a bit easier to walk in than other types of heels. Of course, that doesn’t mean you won’t get tired wearing high wedges all day.

black wedges online indonesiaIn this photo: Wynona

So how do you wear those wedges best? This will certainly depend on what kind of wedges they are. However, a few styles that are a safe bet with wedges include maxi skirts or bohemian styles.

4. Black Flats or Sandals

krizia black flat shoes online indonesia
In this photo: Krizia

Flats and sandals are a great way to get creative! Sandals are comfortable to wear and of course keep you cool in hot weather as well. We always recommend investing in at least one timeless pair of comfortable and minimalist black flats or sandals that can be worn for any occasion.

These are just a few of our top black shoes choices. Want to see more styles? Check out our full collection of black shoes here.


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